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South Holland Life a Charity

Who We Are

South Holland Life has its origins in Chain Bridge Forge which is a living museum in Spalding. The museum was opened in 2012 and as part of restoring the Forge it uncovered a wealth of local history. Since the Forge is a small building with inadequate display capabilities the artefacts became an online collection. The Forge has also innovated through the kind help of funders that has delivered demonstrations of 3D Printing, Virtual and Augmented Reality. 

It is now believed that the Friends of Chain Bridge Forge should become solely a trading arm which services the needs of the Blacksmith and Blacksmithing and the Local history and Art’s elements are administered by a charity CIO called South Holland Life

Note: South Holland Life will still have oversight of Chain Bridge Forge.

Why We Help

The Forge has a proud tradition of serving the community and we want to continue this tradition. The Forge was at the centre of many communities in times gone by 

The Local History collection has been extremely well used during lockdown with nearly 120,000 views. The views are a mixture of the community remembering a bygone age and genealogical queries which we try to answer. We also use this collection to give talks to local groups in particular people with dementia where it’s a treasured resource. The Forge has also received funds from the Arts Council to place art in the community. 

The aftermath of COVID has heightened the need to work with the community supporting it and delivering arts based activities.  

What Propose To Do

Explores local heritage and culture through arts (primarily) but do this through focusing on specific, local issues, such as bringing people together through common locally relevant themes (such as flower parade). 

The governance of South Holland Life will be by a group of key stakeholders who will work with the community to achieve the following:

  • New Projects, Develop imaginative arts programmes which involve, enthral and educate with regard to its heritage and culture. We anticipate that we could offer the following from local premises.
  • Community Engagement, Engage with all sections of the community e.g. immigrant, disadvantaged, isolated, by using all means of communication including digital and newsprint
  • Fundraising, to raise money to facilitate our ambitions
  • Community Service, Take on people with social needs and help them achieve their potential.
  • Publicity, support through events, promotions and awareness  campaigns using website, social media and local press.
  • Focus, – If organisations like Transported are no longer funded it will provide a locally based solution which will fill the gap.
  • Oversight, – Monitoring of Chain Bridge Forge

Mission Statement
To work with the community of South Holland to develop arts and heritage programmes which will make a difference to all in the community. We will achieve this by working with local stakeholders to assist in funding opportunities and help organise events. We will mark our success on the number of people engaged in these activities and the quality of our heritage and arts in South Holland.. 


South Holland Life
C/o Chain Bridge Forge
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